'The Priests' New Album Release - Harmony


The Priests, the singing global superstars who broke the Guinness world record for the fastest selling classical debut album of all time release their second album entitled Harmony, which features tracks such as "The Lords Prayer" and "Amazing Grace".

The Priests, brothers Fathers Martin and Eugene OHagan and Father David Delargy, were young school friends when they first sang together at the age of 12 (Martin and David) and 15 (Eugene). Their love of singing continued whilst studying for the priesthood in Rome. Once ordained, all three took up parish commitments. Singing was both part of prayer plus, in their spare time, they performed in local operas, musicals and choirs.

The release of their first album 'The Priests' lead to them being nominated for a Classical Brit. If that wasnt enough they have given one off performances to The President of Ireland, The Prince Of Wales and The Duchess Of Cornwall and last but no means least, Her Majesty The Queen.